Organizing should not be a chore but a good habit.  Habits originates from repetition and consistency. Good habits develop good character and ultimately a conduit to success and a healthy lifestyle.

Organizing and tidiness often sounds as a hard chore and not welcomed by most of us. After all, who wants to spend the precious, free time cleaning the clutter?  In most households one person is doing most of the hard work while shouting and pleading to others:  Please clean up you room, make your bed and so on.  This alone affects relationships among the family members translating into anger, resentment and stress when the remedy could be really simple. It is almost magical how you can free yourself of ever cleaning clutter or looking for your belongings.  The magic requires two deliberate, conscious acts:

  • Have a consistent and logical place for everything in your house/ room/ office.
  • Return things faithfully to their places every single time.

And with only these two simple habits free yourself from excessive work, an unpleasant living/ working space and almost never look for any thing again.

Disorganization and untidiness is the offspring of procrastination.  We procrastinate when we are lethargic, unconcerned and indifferent to our surrounding.  We like everything around us and at close reach. And no wonder by the end of the day everything is misplaced, our space is cluttered and we are looking for some misplaced thing all the time.

Tidiness and being organized is not just about a neat closet or an organized kitchen cabinet.  It is not just about how we fold our sweaters or towels.  Rather it is about our organized mind, our character and how we respect our space, our belongings, ourselves and those around us.

I believe organization is an art that goes a long way shaping and affecting our lives.  Neatness originates from organized thoughts which grows into a healing process over time.  We feel good mentally and we are not exhausted physically because we only do a little every day. It is about our wellness.

A cluttered living space leads to a cluttered mind and eventually to a cluttered lifestyle that will affect us both personally and professionally.  Disorganized people are often late to work, always rushing out with anxiety, stress, delays and anger.  Disorganization also has negative effect on our credibility, job promotions, our relationships, and our peace of mind.  Here are a few simple steps to an organized and healthy lifestyle:

  • Develop the good habits of neatness,
  • Be consistent following your good habits,
  • Find joy and fun in your organized space,
  • Return things to their destinations faithfully,
  • Save your time for fun and productivity.