How To Turn Corona limitations to a positive behavior:

At the time of any unpredictable event such as natural disaster or an epidemic people have tendencies to come together and to reflect.

Perhaps universe is reminding us that there are other things and other people to think about. Perhaps we can introspect and see who we are and what we can do to improve ourselves, our behavior and our wellness.

The recent episode of Covid19/ Corona virus also is a teaching moment. Families have opportunity to think about each other, older members of the family are getting more attention and finally somebody is worried about grandparents.

Those of us who need more time to write, to read, to catch up with our paper work, to organize our homes and having more time to think why things got so out of hand in our homes or offices in the first place?

It is healthy to put a positive twist on any negative situation and surely Corona is one of those situations. Here are a few notes:

1. Being mindful of your health and observing the necessary sanitation rules need an organized mind and a responsible behavior. Have your disinfectants ready, have your rules in place and have a system to mind them faithfully.

2. Pay attention to details where you go, what you touch and who is around you. Your organized behavior helps you and others to trace your history if you are infected.

3. Make use of this free time being stuck at your homes to organize and catch up with neglected organizing and cleaning chores.

4. Reflect on yourself and your organization habits. Observe the difference between an organized and disorganized home/ office at the time of emergency. See how your life is more peaceful and productive if you find things when you need them especially at a time of crisis.

5. So, Time not to get panic or bored at home. Stay busy and accomplish something positive around your desks, files, closets or kitchen. Organize your office, and read my notes if you have time.

6. Either you are home to avoid the public or if you are a care giver to your family and have some extra time to assist them to organize and to provide a clean environment.