Moving and saying goodbye to our home is always a difficult and an emotional process.  Leaving a place that we have lived for many years or a house that we have raised a family is associated with so many memories and is not an easy road to travel.

Moving could happen for a variety of reasons. We move when we are expanding our family or perhaps we are financially in a better position and require more space or a better school for our children.  On the other hand, we may need to move to downsize our home and lifestyle when we are empty nesters or we cannot manage a big household any longer.  Regardless of the reasons, moving is often a cumbersome process both physically and emotionally, even when we are eager to go to a more spacious and desirable house.

As a professional who assists clients with downsizing and move management, Life Simplified Pro is always aware and observant of our client’s emotional moves as well.   What do we mean by their emotional moves?

Often clients speak to you through certain suggestions or even through their body language and non- verbal communication. They may not be even aware that they are sharing their inner most personal pains or feelings, their memories of an object or a room in the house, their worries of losing or breaking something attached to years of memories.

With a little observation, and honest communication, going beneath the surface and beyond the business, it is not difficult to dig into body language and non-verbal cues in order to fully understand the client’s desires.  This is a time to be sympathetic and sensitive by maneuvering beyond business, making the connection with clients and respecting their feelings.

In short, moving is often a cumbersome, stressful and time-consuming process. However, if you are working with a mindful professional, who can ease the process by being thoughtful and understanding of your feelings while mindful of your  budget and timing, the stress of the move or downsize can be alleviated.