We all have a story behind who we are and what we do.  Zoe’s story stems from her caring nature that led her to study nursing at a young age. She earned her Bachelors’ degree with passion to take care of those in physical and mental need and the elderly.  Zoe’s nursing education and practice taught her organization, discipline, sense of responsibility, and most of all caring for those who needed her expertise.

Later in life Zoe earned two Masters degrees in English Literature and Health Management, but her love of relating to people directed her path to media where she gained another set of skills in communication and public relations. She served her community for more than a decade in media as a diverse voice for inclusion and cultural information as well as a volunteer for several organizations within the DC metro area.

Her idea of establishing a life downsizing and organization business is directly connected to everything she has done, cared for and accomplished over the decades.  Her true calling for establishing this business came from her own experience making her life easier and lighter by downsizing.  She also realized the need for such service for those who are ready or have to make a change in their life style.

As referenced above, Zoe is no stranger to downsizing and managing a multitude of tasks related therewith.  She experienced firsthand the physical and emotional toll that such transition can take, which included detailed planning and work.

Zoe believes that her own cross -cultural experiences and her work with diverse communities provides her with an even deeper understanding of how to relate to a client’s needs. Her caring nature, her skills and her organized mind bring a unique set of skills to serve you.

Zoe strives to assist you in your life transition with understanding of your needs, budget and time urgencies while being respectful of her client’s emotions and daily stresses.

Have your first experience with Zoe and be free of the life management stressors that interrupt your day to day life.  Zoe is the pro who simplifies your life.

Competency, Credibility, Consistency, Creativity.