Downsizing in general has a negative connotation.  Obviously, having less is not as appealing as having more. The word downsizing often is associated with layoff and sudden financial change for those affected when giant corporate entities merge or dismiss their employees in order to improve their bottom line and perhaps increase their productivity.

But when it comes to changing our lifestyle and letting go of our decades of possessions it is a whole different ball game because it plays on our deepest emotions.

Here, we are responsible for making the decision ourselves. We have to go through this journey by ourselves.  And this is the moment of panic when even the thought of the downsizing process seems impossible and the emotional challenge unimaginable.  For example, an old faded picture of a bygone occasion could take us through a chain of sweet memories, or an antique plate that used to grace our parent’s coffee table could stir our emotions into tears making the change a huge challenge.

There are many articles written about downsizing such as why, when and how we should downsize.  I am not going there now because I believe the process of downsizing should start from within. We have to listen to our heart and our mind equally until we are ready for such transition. We must be in line with our values and needs before going online for assistance. What do I mean by this?

Based on my own experience going through this journey, we must first evaluate ourselves at this juncture of our lives. We must have a truthful introspection as who we are now and what we need now.  Not twenty or forty years ago. We must be true to ourselves as what makes us happy, what we really need, how much we need and what lifestyle we are enjoying at this time.

As a professional and one who has gone through this journey, I promise you that the downsizing process amazingly become easier when you realize that all that you have accumulated are just “things”, after all. And ask yourself, do I need all of these things?

If you have reached that point of truth, you have reached your Nirvana.  And you are ready to simplify your life. Now you have the clarity of mind and  the emotional state to keep what you need, all the mementos and to let go of the excess.

In fact, you feel elevated to a state of accomplishment and peace. You feel  accomplished for all you have done until now and look forward to a new home, new life and the joy of simplicity.

Now it is time to enjoy your freedom, have fun and extra time to enjoy those whom you love and care for. Now you are living lighter without the burden of carrying ‘things.”