Every project is different in size, duration and other details. Our price is either by hour or by package and each client will be walked through what is best for them. It is important that we maximize the client’s input so that we can arrive at the most preferable price point. The general approach is as follows:

  • An initial 30 minutes in person consultation to assess the client’s needs and our work strategy, planning, budget and timing.
  • Upon agreement we sign our mutual commitments with all the specifics directed by the client and agreed.

Some Easy Steps

  • Payment Policy: 50% deposit and full payment at completion

  • Time of completion: Based on mutual agreement and the size of project
  • Cancellation policy: full refund 48 hours prior to start only
  • Refund policy: within 30 days for unused services
  • Additional fees: For requested additional services there would be a small fee, any material purchased by us is reimbursed the same day upon submission of the receipt.

Travel fees: Projects in the vicinity of Washington DC metro area up to 30 miles is included in the original contract. Beyond 30 miles there would be travel fee accordingly.

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