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Life Simplified Pro is specialized in making lives simpler by assisting clients with a seamless and smooth life transition as well organizing their homes. We are available to minimize, to organize or to move you to a new and less stressful lifestyle resulting in more productivity saving you time, money and energy.

Life is not always smooth sailing. Often unpredictable waves rock our boats for many reasons such as financial emergencies, divorce, catastrophic illness, age, loss of a loved one, aging parents or simply we have to move to another location or a smaller home. Life Simplified Pro is here to ensure that you are equipped with a personal life preserver so that your life is not tangled with things.

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We all have a story behind who we are and what we do.  Zoe’s story stems from her caring nature that led her to study nursing at a young age. She earned her Bachelors’ degree with passion to take care of those in physical and mental need and the elderly.  Zoe’s nursing education and practice taught her organization, discipline, sense of responsibility, and most of all caring for those who needed her expertise.

Later in life Zoe earned two Masters degrees in English Literature and Health Management, but her love of relating to people directed her path to media where she gained another set of skills in communication and public relations. She served her community for more than a decade in media as a diverse voice for inclusion and cultural information as well as a volunteer for several organizations within the DC metro area.

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On The Positive Side

March 16th, 2020|0 Comments

How To Turn Corona limitations to a positive behavior: At the time of any unpredictable event such as natural disaster or an epidemic people have tendencies to come together and

Living Leaner and Lighter:

March 16th, 2020|0 Comments

Is there a positive side to a calamity like Corona? The Corona virus outbreak has been an eye opening and life changing event. Social distancing has affected our family lives,

Organizing should not be a chore:

November 16th, 2019|0 Comments

Organizing should not be a chore but a good habit.  Habits originates from repetition and consistency. Good habits develop good character and ultimately a conduit to success and a healthy lifestyle.

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What My Clients Says About Me

My experience with Zoe was refreshingly different than my last move which was a bit chaotic. Zoe’s planning and organizational strategies had me up and running in just a few weeks and with very little lift on my part. Having Zoe’s support was so worth it and allowed me to keep my focus on my business. I would highly recommend Zoe.

Chris Nelson

Hello Zoe
Your assistance in helping me organize my clothes has been a tremendous boost to my time management. It is easier to get myself ready each day. I was able to let go of outfits that did nothing for me and took up too much space. Thank you again.


I can not say enough about Zoe and her talent for organizing a home.  She has truly brought us peace of mind. She taught me how to organize my closets, my apartment and my life.

I am living with my mother in a small apartment.  Clearly, we are short of space and  our place was cluttered all the time.   Thanks to Zoe now we have room for everything and a good habit to return things to their places. I call her Master Space Finder.

She is a punctual professional, and a great communicator making sure what her client needs. I sure recommend her to my friends and family any time..

S. Rosenthal
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